“We can, and we must, make realism on social media a norm – and I’ll be giving 100% of my profits to charities that can help make that vision a reality”

This clothing range marks the launch of my #busybeingme campaign to encourage more inclusivity, support and realism on social media. I want people to share their stories under the hashtag #busybeingme and nominate 3 people to do the same. These stories can be ones that help others feel less alone, stories that encourage and show others that we can overcome these negative aspects to social media, and stories that demonstrate that people shouldn’t feel inadequate or unhappy. Let’s use social media to lift each other up, support each other and value everyone’s own journey. 

For this campaign I’ve teamed up with Wellity to create my own range which falls in line with their ethos of helping other people, promoting a positive well-being and inspiring others.

I knew when I started planning a clothing range that I wanted to make something that would help other people. That’s why 100% of my profits will be given to Mind and Young Minds. So everyone who supports the campaign by purchasing an item from the range will be helping to make a real difference in other people’s lives. 

Most of where I am in my life now – a social media consultant, digital manager and social media influencer – has come from this new generation of connectivity we call “social media” and I’ve seen first hand both the positive and negative effects these platforms can have on society and individual people. I want this campaign to speak openly and honestly on these negatives sides and help anyone who could be struggling as a result of them.

We have all been affected by social media in some way, whether it’s through online bullying or teasing, feeling the pressures to post certain content or keep up with others or whether it’s feeling inadequate compared to other peoples’ seemingly ‘perfect’ lives.

When I was in school I first started my blog. It was totally innocent and was just meant to be me, a teenager interested in fashion, sharing her ideas online. However, I was teased pretty much constantly until I left school simply because I wanted to be a blogger. People would go to the extent of making up fake accounts online to mock me anonymously and even made a parody video teasing me.

Whilst I was teased and mocked online I definitely felt like I was the only person who had ever experienced this. As I grew older I heard many people telling me stories of similar things happening to them. I soon realised that the negative sides to the online world reaches everyone in some form or another.

I’ve launched this campaign to spread positivity, and hope it can help even one person feel less alone. I know this is what would have helped me, and so many others, during tough times. A parent, grandparent or sibling could share this campaign with someone who needs to see our stories. Or it could be you reading our stories to see that we too have all fought our own battles and will continue to do so. 

Yes, it’s unrealistic to say that social media will change overnight but I believe that this campaign can show others, particularly young people, that they are never alone in how they are feeling or what they are going through.

So that’s #busybeingme. We all have our own unique journey and path in life. We have all felt hurt and pain and we have all overcome something. I want us to use this campaign to show how much value is in each of those stories. It will hopefully show people that they aren’t alone in any struggle and that each of their unique stories are important, heard and understood.

I want to nominate each of you to share a story of your own under the hashtag #busybeingme and nominate 3 of your friends to do the same. You could share a story of a struggle you’ve had or are having, a story to encourage or inspire others, or a story of your own that could help others feel less alone. And if you don’t have a story to tell then that’s totally fine, but do please share this campaign with your friends and family. You never know who might benefit from this. 

And if you want to show support for this campaign then you can check out the campaign clothing range here:

I wanted to create designs that show what this campaign is all about. And remember, all of my profits will be donated to Mind and Young Minds, to give even more support to those who feel the negative effects of social media!

Share your story. Help others. We can all make a difference together. 

All love,

Clara ♥️


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