K West Hotel: A Unique Hotel Experience

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I’m so excited to be finally telling you about my stay in K West Hotel in London. Last month my boyfriend and I travelled up to London to spend time at their luxurious and trendy hotel and explore their unique spa facilities. We were particularly excited to try out the Snow Paradise, which is the first of it’s kind in all of London.

We were lucky enough to stay in a Studio at K West which is definitely one of the nicest rooms in the hotel. It was honestly one of the trendiest rooms I have ever seen. Our room came with a huge closet, it’s own TV and seating area, a Bose sound system, a tablet and smartphone, a super king sized bed and a small coffee and tea section. This studio is definitely the perfect place for a couples getaway in London.

What strikes you when you first walk into the studio is the trendy and modern style that is dispersed throughout the room. By far the most unique aspect is the wall art. Our room had a large, modern and colourful feature wall which makes the room completely unforgettable. There are more pops of colour everywhere in the studio which ties in seamlessly with the other neutral tones in the room. The vibrant decor perfectly reflects the excitement and energy you find in London.

The room itself had everything you need and more. The bed was the most comfortable I have ever tried. I don’t think I’ve had such a good nights sleep in years! A really handy aspect to the rom was the tablet they provide you with. This tablet gives you all the information you could need about the hotel, including available spa treatments, restaurant menus, the weather, room service and all the other useful information you could need.

Soon after exploring the hotel, we headed straight to the spa. The spa at K West is really cosy and personal and is the perfect place for a couple to relax. K West has an amazing Wet Spa with a sauna, samarium, steam room, foot baths and a hydrotherapy pool. They also have seating pods which is the perfect place to sit and relax after a spa treatment. While the spa is small, it isn’t busy and has everything you could need. After just a short while here I was falling asleep because of how relaxed I was.

Of course we then had to move onto the main attraction: the Snow Paradise. This is a small room set to between -10 to -15 degrees celsius with snow and ice covering the walls, floor and ceiling. You certainly have to build up some courage before heading into this part of the spa. However, once you walk into the room you realise that the cold isn’t as abrasive as you think it would be. While it is chilly, it’s incredibly refreshing compared to the heat of the Wet Spa. I could easily stay in the Snow Paradise for 5-10 minutes but I wouldn’t recommend staying in any longer than this.

Just one session in the Snow Paradise left me feeling totally rejuvenated. You can already begin to feel a difference in your skin from spending just a few hours alternating between all the different aspects of the spa. It’s left me wishing that I lived closed to London so I could visit this spa all the time.

For dinner we headed out to a local restaurant. The good thing about K West is that it is in a central location and has tons of restaurants, cafes and shops within a few minute walk. You even have the nearby shopping centre, Westfield, so you can experience the hustle and bustle of London from just a few feet outside the hotel.

If eating out isn’t for you then K West has two places to eat itself; Studio Bar and Studio Kitchen. Studio Kitchen has a full a la carte menu and is where we had breakfast in the morning. They have a wide variety of breakfast dishes that are fulling and refreshing, which is prefect before a busy day in London. Studio Bar is much more relaxed and is the perfect place for a coffee or cocktail and a small bite to eat.

Our stay at K West Hotel can be described as incredibly unique. I have never experienced such trendy decor or had such a refreshing spa experience. This hotel has everything you need and is a place I would recommend to everyone. Whether you are looking for a luxurious couples break or want a trendy and accessible hotel whilst visiting London on business, K West is the hotel for you.



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