5 Ways To Save Money On Designer Clothes

You don’t have to be rich to afford designer clothing. For those times when you want to treat yourself to some name brand clothing, here are few tips that could help you to spend less.

Hit the sales

The most obvious time to get a discount on designer clothes is when a sale is on. End-of-season sales are some of the best opportunities for saving money – you can often get great discounts on designer jackets in February and March when many retailers are trying to clear out their stock in time for their summerwear selections. Yes, you may have to wait a few months to get some wear out of it, but this patience will pay off.  

Use coupons

You can get discounts on designer clothing by using coupons. Sites like RetailMeNot are great places to find coupons to use in fashion outlets. Some coupons may have certain conditions about what you can spend them on. It’s also worth always checking the date as many coupons expire after a certain time.

Use bidding sites

Bidding sites can also be a great place to score discounts on designer clothing. Such sites can sometimes have designer items for sale, which you can often get a good price on. There are lots of bidding sites out there to choose from – you should do your research to find the most credible ones. The likes of these DealDash reviews are a good indicator that a site is trustworthy. Try to bid during non-busy periods when you’re likely to seal the best deals.

Try second hand shops

Buying second-hand is another reliable way to save money on designer clothes. Thrift shops are some of the greatest places to find this clothing, although you’re best off avoiding the trendy shopping areas where prices tend to be higher. You may even get lucky at a flea market and find some designer clothing for sale at a great price. The condition is something to be wary of, but it’s not uncommon to find cheap clothing that’s barely been worn because the original owner didn’t like it or it didn’t fit. You may also be able to find some deals shopping second-hand online on sites like Gumtree.

Rent designer clothing

If you want to look nice for a special event, you could consider renting a designer dress rather than buying one. This has become a popular way to dress designer on a budget – renting clothing costs a fraction of the price of buying it. Sites like Rent The Runway ensure that every item is cleaned and pressed after use so that it feels brand new. Just make sure to return these items in a timely fashion to avoid paying late return fees.

I hope these tips have helped you!

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