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I hope you’re all doing well. Today’s blog post is something a little different. For a long time, people have been messaging me for advice about weddings. While I’m not at all close to getting married I think the fact that I travel a lot, have experienced different hotel stays and know a lot about fashion means that people have been turning to me for advice. So while I am no wedding expert I have decided to do a series and help you where I can with some of my tips and tricks You don’t have to be a bride or a groom to be interested in these posts.; bridesmaids, best men, wedding planners, family or guests could all take something from these travel or fashion tips.

To me, the idea of planning my dream wedding holds a magical and alluring appeal. The anticipation, the love story, the beauty and the characters all lending themselves to this joyous celebration that truly can be whatever you imagine it to be.

I have learnt a lot from from my older friends and family members about weddings. These new blog posts will detail all the tips, tricks and secrets that I have seen being used by many other brides and what I have found through looking at other blog posts and guides. I’ll share the inspirations I’m swooning over and document as much as I can for you all.


So what I’m going to be doing is giving you wedding advice from the perspective of a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Whether you are a bridesmaid, groom, bridge or guest I will be advising you on everything from skincare to dress code, locations to hotel stays. I will be doing this through a number of blog posts instead of just one. All the blog posts will talk through everything you need to know from mapping out your budget, gathering inspiration, selecting a venue, finding your dream dress, choosing a photographer and videographer that will document the tribute to your love perfectly, floral and styling inspiration, catering, a go-to website, DIY’s and how-to’s, organizing the hen’s and buck’s parties, deciding on your honeymoon destination and beauty tips to help you radiate on your big day.

I want my blog to always be a be a place that you can turn to for ideas, where I can impart words of wisdom and chat away in the comments about anything authentic. When I say authentic, I mean a wedding that truly reflects the style, vision and imaginations of the bride and groom. I don’t know about you, but the wedding of my dreams is a beautifully curated celebration of love, wrapped up with sweet details and unforgettable moments shared between friends and lovers.

So now that I have started this series, make sure to leave any questions down below so I can help you. In the meantime, make sure to check out a great inspo website

See you in my next post!



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