6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

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Blogging as many of us know it has undergone a huge change as of late. It has moved away from simply being something that people do to get their thoughts onto “paper” or use as a sounding board for things that irritate, inspire or just happen in their day to day life.

Whilst this style of blog still exists and is popular, there is a more business orientated style of blog out there. But is it actually worthwhile your business making an effort to blog more? We think so, and to inspire you to try it out, we have put together some of the main reasons why your business needs a blog.

A blog is much easier to use then you may realise

One reason that many people are putting off trying blogging is because they worry that it will be hard to do. Of course, you need to be comfortable writing, but the tech side of things should never put you off. There are a number of blogging platforms that you can use to help you to put together (and then host) your blog and these will make the process a whole lot easier.

SEO and blogs are best friends

If you are trying to exist in an online world, then chances are that you are aware of the term SEO. SEO is what powers your position in search engines and is something that you need to take seriously. The good news is that SEO and blogs go perfectly together, mainly because SEO feeds off of content, which you will be creating lots of if you are making the effort to write a blog.

A blog gives you a place to speak

As a business you need to come across that you know what you are talking about, that you are an expert, that you can be trusted. Having a blog gives you the space to do just this. Not only can you talk about your areas of expertise, sharing information whilst promoting yourself, but you can also use it as a way to communicate and build a personality for your brand.

Blogging can be fun

Not everyone will think of blogging as a fun activity, but truth be told that it actually can be something to enjoy. Not only does it take you away from the everyday work that you need to complete, but also gives you somewhere to share information and stories too. It also provides you with a chance to learn more about your industry and what is going on in that world.

It encourages sharing

One great thing about blogging is that blogs are so easy to share. If you write a blog that is interesting and insightful, then someone is going to want to share it. This could simply be someone posting it on their own personal social media account, or perhaps a fellow business expert sharing it. You may even find that off the back of your blog, that you are asked to write guest blogs or that you are interviewed by some really high profile publications.

They don’t have to cost the Earth

Money, and spending it, is a big concern for any business. Which means that you are going to want to try and invest every penny the best that you can. The great thing about blogging is that it is relatively lost cost to do, all you have to do is open up a WordPress account. The main thing that you are going to have to spend on is your own time writing them.

As you can see, there really is no reason for you not to try out blogging for yourself. Set yourself some time, start small and you may be surprised by just how well your blog will develop and benefit your business over time.

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