Perfect Ways to Find Love This Winter

Hi everyone!

As the more and more winter celebrations approach, it seems like the perfect time to find someone to spend those cold winter evenings with. People are definitely right when they say that winter is the worst time to be alone. I too spent many years feeling a little lonely during the Christmas period even when I happened to be in a relationship. Until now, I didn’t seem to have much in common with my previous partners, they could be selfish, hurtful and would leave me feeling a little unwanted. I decided that I would rather be alone than be in the wrong relationship and was very comfortable with the fact that I might spend the next few winters with my family rather than with a boyfriend.

However, this definitely changed very quickly when I met my boyfriend Dan. With him being 12 years older than me, it didn’t seem like the most likely of relationships. When I first met him I was in a difficult place. I was just adjusting to life post-university, I was getting settled in a new house and was still struggling to kick a very toxic ex out of my life. As we worked at the same company we just started out as colleagues and I didn’t even have the thought of a relationship in my mind. However, as time went by we became closer friends and he was always there to listen to me and help me in whatever way I needed. It wasn’t at all planned but we just got along so well that we eventually ended up dating.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have him in my life. We always make each other laugh. We never argue. We always cheer each other up. He is my biggest supporter in everything I do with my blog, social media, pageants and everything else. I didn’t realise how important support was from a partner (mainly because I have never experienced it before) but I could now never live without it. He comes with me to events that I’m nervous to attend, he sits in waiting rooms while I talk on the radio, he helps me improve my content, he cheers me on from the audience whenever I’m on stage and he reassures me whenever I am too self-critical. I could not have achieved half of what I have without his support and mostly importantly he is my best best friend in the world.

If you are starting to feel like you want to find someone this Christmas, then there are so many ways to do so. Go to a new class or join a society near you. If you get involved in something that you enjoy then you can easily find other people who are interested in the same things as you. You could attend a local singles night and even if you don’t meet someone you will still have a fun night out with a group of people your age. You can also try free dating sites which can help you connect with people that you might never normally meet. I know when many of my friends were trying to find someone they simply searched up “dating sites in Wiltshire” or other locations near them. Through this Wiltshire dating site one of my friends met their future partner so there is huge proof that something so simple can work. Whatever it is that you are looking for you are bound to find the right person for you with time and patience. I know that this is what worked for me!

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