4 Reasons Why Women Should Add Men’s Clothes to their Wardrobe

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I hope you’re all well! I have been seeing that men’s fashion has been overlapping with women’s fashion and male colours and patterns are being worn by girls. Therefore, I wanted to give you 4 reasons why you should be adding men’s clothes to your wardrobe.

Men have it easy when it comes to buying clothes. There isn’t anywhere near as much choice and it’s usually a quick trip to the shops to pick up a few essentials and then they’re done. They don’t need to worry about all of the current trends and navigating the minefield of sizing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy men’s clothes instead of women’s? The good news is, you can! In fact, all women should add some men’s clothes to their wardrobe. Not just because it’s easier to shop for, but because you can create some great outfits with it. If you’re not convinced, here are some of the benefits of buying men’s clothing.

Sizing Is Easier

The sizes for women’s clothing are usually based on a specific body type that most people don’t have. If you’re lucky, your body shape will match the designer’s idea of what a body should look like but most real bodies don’t. Often, you’ll find something that fits right at the waist but is too big at the bust or vice versa. You’ll probably find that the sizes vary from place to place so a size 8 in one shop is going to be wildly different to a size 8 from a different shop. Wherever you shop, sizing is a nightmare. But with men’s clothes, the sizes are all uniform. They’re also a bit larger than women’s clothes so if you’re just looking for something loose fitting and comfortable, it’ll be easy to find the size that you need.

You’ve Got More Options

There is such a huge amount of choice in women’s fashion but if you love trying out new styles and creating new outfits, you might be desperate for more options. Buying men’s clothes gives you those options because there are different styles and fits that you just won’t get with women’s clothes. For example, if you get a nice men’s shirt from John Henric, it’ll be a different shape and fit to a woman’s blouse. You can wear it in a different way than you normally would. You’ll find this with all men’s clothing. While some of it just won’t fit your body shape right and won’t look great, other pieces will give you an interesting style to play with.

Better Availability

Men’s fashion is far less susceptible to changing trends than women’s fashion. There might be a particular style of top that you love but if it falls out of fashion, none of the shops will be selling it anymore. However, with men’s fashion, that doesn’t happen as often. So if you find something that you love and incorporate it into your wardrobe, you know that you’ll always be able to buy more similar pieces.

It’s Cheaper

This is one of the biggest benefits. Whatever it is that you’re buying, it’s probably going to be so much cheaper. Jeans are the perfect example; there are actually a lot of fashion companies that sell a men’s style jean for women. But they cost so much more than a normal pair of men’s jeans and they’re exactly the same thing.

People often think that wearing men’s clothes is just for comfort and you won’t look good but you can still look attractive and wear men’s clothes. It’ll be easier to find the right fit and you’ve got so many new options, so get out and start buying some men’s clothes today.  

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