I’m officially Miss Devon 2018!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with you!

I’m finally here to announce something that I am so excited about. I’ve had to keep it a secret for a while but I can now finally confirm that I am Miss Devon 2018! This is an achievement that I have worked really hard towards and it’s rewarding to see that it has finally paid off. I’m sure that many of you have lots of questions on how I got this opportunity, what this means for me and what I plan to do with my title. Therefore, I’ve created this post (along with a YouTube video that you can watch below) to try and answer some questions you might have. If you still have any questions then make sure to leave them down below so that I can answer them soon in a Q&A video.

How did I land this opportunity?

People have always mentioned pageants to me and I usually dismissed the thought of them. Yet, once I began Googling the competitions I read a lot of articles which talked about how pageants have moved away from how they were many years ago. Rather than simply being judged on looks, girls are now judged on personality, talents, creativity, entrepreneurship and how dedicated they are to raising money for charity. It really opened my eyes to how the pageants have evolved to keep up with the changing times. So, when Miss Great Britain contacted me, I decided to enter and ended up being awarded with the title of Miss Devon 2018!

What does this now mean?

There are lots of opportunities that are now coming my way due to this title, so I have a lot going on. The most important thing I want to focus on right now is the national final which is held in September. Alongside the national title there are many other awards to be won such as Miss Popularity GB, Miss Publicity GB, Miss Personality GB or Miss Charity GB. I really want to focus on making the most of this opportunity so I am currently preparing different outfits to model during the final. I am also raising money for charity, planning appearances and generally getting fit and healthy for the final. What’s great is that I’m introducing vlogs and Q&A videos to my YouTube channel. This way you can see my day-to-day prep for the pageant as well as get answers to any questions you may have!

What am I planning to do with my title?

There is a lot that I am planning to do with my title. The most important is to ensure that I represent the Devon area well and showcase all the wonderful things we have going on in this county. In order to make the most of this title I will be working with a variety of charities. I am currently in the process of training for a 10k which I will be running in Exeter in July to raise money for Brains Trust. I will also be supporting local businesses and attending events around Devon, as I think it is important to showcase how much this glorious county has to offer.

As I will hold this title for a year there will obviously be so many more events and collaborations coming up, but I’m just so pleased to be Miss Devon 2018!

Feel free to watch my video as well!

See you in my next post 🙂




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