Easily Explore London’s Restaurants: The Cake App

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Today I wanted to share with you my experience using CAKE, an app that helps you to easily explore London’s restaurants and bars. The app begins by showing you all the restaurants in your local area, how close by they are, and even provides directions. Gone are the days of wondering where the closest Italian restaurant is or getting lost when trying to find a bar. ¬†On top of that you can also book a table at any restaurant through the app, which simplifies your dining experience.

I was treated to a meal at The Jones Family Project which is an amazing Steak Restaurant in Shoreditch with unique decor, great dishes and really helpful and engaging staff. Rather than having to ask for a bill at the end of the meal or wait around for someone the bring over a card reader, you just do it all through the app. When you arrive at a restaurant, use the app to open a tab and show your waiter. Whenever you order anything during the evening, it is added to the tab on the app, meaning you can quickly pay and leave at any point.

My favourite part of the app is how easy it is to spilt the bill with friends. I know one of the biggest struggles my friends and I have is calculating how much everyone owes and counting out the right change. CAKE allows you to either pay for the whole bill, spilt the bill or simply pay for specific items. This means you no longer have to worry about owing friends money as the app helps you to spilt the bill without any hassle.

After visiting The Jones Family Project I continued to tour London and found restaurants and bars wherever I went simply by looking on CAKE. I found little coffee shops, quirky bars and lots of amazing restaurants during my time in London. Another of my favourite places was Cahoots, a secret bar which has been created to replicate the underground in the 1940s. It honestly felt like I went back in time with all the vintage signs, old newspapers and the “rations” they served to you in old tin cans. This is definitely a place you must visit whenever you are in London.

For those of you living or visiting London make sure to download this app today. When you download it, don’t forget to use my code “CGEOR05” which will give you 10% credit back when you pay using the CAKE app. I can guarantee that getting the app will make dining in London that much easier and will allow you to explore a whole host of exciting restaurants and bars.

Let me know what your favourite restaurant in London is as I would love to visit it when I’m next there.

See you in my next blog post on Wednesday!

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