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Today I wanted to talk about some new products that I’ve been using recently from Margaret Dabbs. Their company specialises in feet and hand products as well as manicure and pedicure treatments in their clinics in the UK and Dubai. While I’m just going to be discussing their nailpolishs today, they also have a whole range of other beneficial products, so don’t hestitate to head to their website to have a browse.

I’m always a little bit relcutant to try out new nailpolishes as I’m the kind of person who finds one or two brands I like and then sticks with them for years. However, I was really impressed when I recieved their nailpolishes as they have turned out to be better than some of the brands I’ve been using for ages. They have a large range of 72 colours for sale, meaning it’s virtually impossible to not find something you will like. The colours I’ve been using are all rather summery shades; Pink Blossom, Tiger Lily, Poppy, Echinacea and Larkspur. My favourite shade is definetely Tiger Lily (the one on my toes in the pictures) as it’s perfect for summer and is also unique.

The best thing about these nailpolishes is that you get a really good level of coverage from only one coat, which is always so useful if you don’t have much time to sit around painting your nails. On top of that, the consistency of the polish is really silky, meaning the application is really easy and the polish spreads evenly over your nails. These products don’t just stop there. They also help to promote nail health, help to strengthen and protect and reduce inflammation and infection.

When I first heard that the polishes retailed at £14 each I was apprehensive about whether they would live up to the price tag. However, after trying out the products I can definitely say that it’s worth the money. Not only do they have excellent colours and packaging, the product is also beneficial for your nails’ health on a variety of different levels.

So, if you are stuck about what nail polishes to buy this summer then I would recommend heading to as you are bound to find something you like.

Check out all the pictures below!

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    July 29, 2017 / 11:27 pm

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