Outfits of the Week: June 2017

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all well! I finally managed to film a new outfits of the week video as I know quite a few of you were asking for one. Instead of taking photos of every single outfit I thought I would only show you how I had previously worn two of the outfits so there are more surprises in the video. Plus I’m recycling old photos I never got to show you before so it’s a win-win.

I wish that these outfits were a lot more summery but unfortunately it’s been a little bit cold & rainy in the UK on certain days. So these outfits can either be worn in autumn and spring or during more rainy days in the summer. However, I am soon heading back to Geneva for a few weeks and will be able to get some videos and photos in the heat of summer.

Like with all of these videos everything that I want to say has already been said in the video. So rather than me rambling on make sure to scroll down and have a watch. Let me know in the comments whether you have any videos ideas for when I’m in Switzerland!

Hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to message me on social media if you need any summer clothing advice <3




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