End of Exam Sun

Hello Everyone!

Hope everything is going well and you have been spending time in the sun! Now I am well aware that this is the time of year that the majority of my followers will be stressed in some form. It’s exam season and I know most of you are probably knee deep in homework, coursework or revision. Despite my Instagram indicating otherwise I too have had essays to write and exams to revise for. However, I have now finally finished my degree and have nothing but summer sun to look forward to (I hope). This is always my favourite time of year as the weather is that ideal medium between not too hot and not too cold and it’s the perfect period to spend some time outside.

Regardless of the weather or season you can always find me taking part in a photoshoot. My obsession with fashion, blogging, modelling and photography leads to photos being taken almost every day. It ends up becoming a really therapeutic activity as you soon become engrossed in taking the best photo, constantly looking for the best angles and ideal lighting. If you haven’t tried it yet then definitely give it a go as it’s such a relaxing hobby to take up.

Below I have show you one of my favourite summer/spring photoshoots I did recently to get you all in the summer mood!

Wishing you all lots of luck in your exams or coursework! Make sure to take breaks & relax in the sun 🙂

Enjoy <3


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