Room Tour 2017

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well. Yesterday I managed to finally film my room tour which I know lots of you have been asking to see. It took a long time for me to get round to filming this as there was still pieces of furniture to be added and the bathroom needed completing. Not only do I show you my room, I also take you through my wardrobe, makeup, jewellery and bathroom. If you want to see any of these in more detail then make sure to let me know.

This bedroom is by far my favourite bedroom out of all of the ones I’ve had throughout my life. It has a good amount of space and has some bright, feminine and classic decor. My favourite aspect is definitely the view I get when I look over the pool and the endless countryside. Having my room on the top floor also means I get the most sunshine which always helps to brighten my room regardless of the time of year.

Make sure to have a look through the photos and watch my video to see everything in greater detail. Don’t hesitate to leave any comments or questions on any of my social media channels either!

Sending you all lots of love.

Enjoy <3


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