Fashion Show 2017

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well. Recently I walked in my university’s fashion show and a lot of people have asked me to show you a few photos of the day. I managed to somehow fit the show in amongst 2 big deadlines and a test but I actually pulled it off.

I wore 3 outfits during the show. The first I wore while working at the Soap & Glory booth that we had set up at the show and wore the other two down the catwalk. It was fun that I was able to do some work promoting Soap & Glory but also got to work as a model, which I really enjoy.

The 4 themes of the show were Spring, Minimalist, Sustainable & Evening/Formal. I walked in the last two themes and really enjoyed both. The outfit I wore for sustainable wasn’t something I would normally wear but I ended up styling it and really liking it in the end. I was pretty nervous before I first walked but I just treated it as something fun and actually ended up feeling pretty relaxed and comfortable. Below I’ve shown you some pictures of the 3 outfits I wore during the show.

Hope you all enjoy 🙂


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