OOTD: Snow Day

Hey Everyone,

I am back at it again with another OOTD (Outfit of the Day). These photos were actually taken a few weeks ago by one of my best friends (hi Justus) but only just remembered about them recently.

This OOTD is what I wore on a snow day in Switzerland recently. Despite the fact most people think I probably love the snow I actually hate it. Firstly it’s cold and I think that is a good enough reason in itself to not like it. It also makes it so much harder to get around and do normal things. In Switzerland the snow will stay for weeks on end without melting and after a while it loses its novelty.

Regardless of my hatred for the snow I still got out of the house and am therefore able to show you my snow day outfit. My biggest advice when it snows: LAYERS! Layers will keep you warm and if you chose the rights pieces you can actually produce a rather fashionable outfit. Weather shouldn’t stop you  – you can always be fashionable my friends!

It’s also important to add under layers for warmth. These are the clothes that no one can see so you can pick any colour or pattern you like just as long as it’s warm. A stye that I then think works really well on top of these first layers is an oversized sweater with a fur gilet and scarf. All of these items will, again, help you to stay warm (I really hate being cold) and will also complement each other well. I got my sweater from Maddison, my gilet from Esprit and my scarf from H&M.

After this I then add small things to the outfit which help to make it perfect for a snow day. I will add knee high socks underneath my boots, as well as gloves and a hat. All of these aspects work really well together and help to make a cute winter outfit. Despite the fact that having less layers is easier to pull it, you can still make an outfit just as fashionable if you add the right layers on top of it.

Now, make sure to take a look at the photos below to see what I wore on my recent snow day!

Enjoy <3



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