3 Winter Outfit Ideas

Hello Everyone,

Since the relaunched of my blog I have gained 3,000 new blog viewers! 🙂 Hope you’re all enjoying the new format!!

So today I am going to be showing you 3 more of my favourite winter outfits. I live in Switzerland half the time which is always freezing so I spend a lot of my time in outfits like this unfortunately – I just can’t stand the cold!

Outfit 1

I like to call this outfit “my mum outfit”. This is definitely one of my most preppy and conservative outfits. All I’ve done here is taken a simple black turtleneck, skirt and boots and tried to brighten it up. A cardigan like the one I’ve added is perfect for making a dark outfit more light and noticeable. Adding some statement earrings and some red lipstick will really pull the whole outfit together.

Outfit 2

My idea with this outfit is to make a simple white top and black jeans a bit more trendy by adding a choker, knee high boots and cute hair style. By adding these few accessories you can turn a really standard winter outfit into something a little bit more exciting. My best advice here is that if you want to brighten up a winter outfit all you have to do is grab a few accessories and you are good to go. Accessories are everything my friends!!


Outfit 3

Fur coats are really in this season so make sure to get your hands on one. They are such a good staple meaning you don’t really have to worry too much about what you wear underneath. The styling options for this are endless and you can get your hands on a jacket like this regardless of your budget. I have seen some that are as cheap as £30 – not super cheap but good for what you are getting. I got my jacket from Carroll and anything like this is a must-have this season as it is the perfect transitional cover up.

Sending you lots of love <3


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