3 Winter Outfit Ideas

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Now I know that in winter I find it so much harder to find outfits that are considered trendy. I usually tend to want to put on a huge sweater and jeans everyday. I spend so much of my time looking at other blogs and on Instagram trying to come up with outfit ideas. Over the past month or so I’ve been taking photos of quite a few of my winter outfits so I thought I would show them to you here. Although there is nothing wrong with a warm jumper and jeans here are some ideas if you are looking for something a bit different.

Outfit 1

I found it so hard to style this skirt as it has a summer style and colour. However, it’s just such a nice skirt so I can’t put it to waste for a few months. I found that you can use a lighter skirt in a winter outfit just by adding darker colours. In this case I added lots of black along with my navy boots and green bomber jacket. You could probably also get away with adding some burgundy to this if you wanted. I find that wearing skirts and dresses will always help you stand out in the winter. So go for it girls. Do not let your fav summer skirt fall to the back of your wardrobe!


Outfit 2

This is one of my favourite outfits but so simple to put together. All you really need is a bodysuit and jeans. There are so many different varieties of bodysuits nowadays that they can work on their own to make your outfit stand out. Despite not being a bright colour, my bodysuit does stand out against black jeans and boots. Bodysuits are a good alternative to jumpers and look that little bit more elegant so this is the perfect outfit if you want something easy yet stylish!


Outfit 3

I’m not sure how obvious it is that I am in love with my knee high boots! Well I’m pretty sure it’s VERY obvious. I think I may love knee high boots more than pizza but that is open to debate. I love this outfit because you get to stick to some much darker colours but still end up with a girly vibe. Black turtlenecks can be that staple piece that you have in your closest but can easily be forgotten. Make sure to add it to a darker skirt and knee high boots and it immediately makes it look a lot more high fashion. The black in my outfit makes it quite trendy while the skirt gives it that girly edge.



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