Travels: Switzerland

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all well! Thank you for all your views recently. I appreciate all the support.

I know that Switzerland isn’t necessarily a holiday seeing as I come back here for most of my holidays. I still had to travel from England to Switzerland to get here though so technically it counts, right? Plus I’ve done so many fun things and taken lots of photos so I knew I had to make a blog post about it.

I’ve actually been teased over how much I have been swimming over the past few weeks. I have been visiting a pool near to me with different friends at least 3 times a week. It has such a nice view and I’ve managed to gain the best tan of my life. I also spend most of my time in the local town eating way too much ice cream and pizza. What’s not to love?

I also went to one of my favourite places: Montreux Jazz Festival. It such an amazing music festival with loads of different types of food and all the wine you could ask for. Switzerland is really great isn’t it?

I also went up the Salève and hiked down. Lets please never discuss this experience ever again. The view is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen but since having labyrinthitis my balance has been a little affected and I now dislike heights. I didn’t mind the height too much though because the view was really nice! Unfortunately the hike down wasn’t as nice. I firstly managed to get lost and the hike took almost 2 hours longer than it should. On top of this I cut my wrist on one of the poles telling us which direction to go in. God knows why they even had those direction poles anyway because they were useless. I also rolled my ankle twice which wasn’t pleasant either. It was all worth it for the view though..I think.

Lastly, I snapped a few photos of the outfits I’ve been wearing.

Hope you’ve enjoyed <3


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