5 Wardrobe Must Haves for 2016

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Boohoo asked the Student Brand Ambassadors to write an article for their online magazine Stylefix. I have only just sent it to them but thought I would post it here so you can get a look at it too.

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7 Wardrobe Must Haves for 2016

It is easy to get lost in all the trends when there is never-ending talk of the heights of heels and hemlines, beauty must haves or what the Kardashians were last seen wearing.  However, you’ll be pleased to hear that you only need a few key items to refresh your wardrobe and always keep it stylish during 2016!

  1. Skinny Jeans

This is an item you can buy now and wear forever. Well, maybe not forever! But this wardrobe classic is useful for all seasons and will surely last for many years to come. Their streamline silhouette will easily allow you add multiple layers for warmth during the chilly winter months. You can alternately pair them with some ballet shoes and a colourful top to make it equally ideal for the summer heat. They can be found in a multitude of colours and you could even channel your inner rocker by sporting them with rips. These versatile trousers can do no wrong!


      2.  Gilet

Learn from the well dressed Italians and go a buy yourself a gilet this year. It is an easy way to add style points to a casual outfit and is undeniably versatile. You can wear just about anything under a gilet whether it is a t-shirt, long sleeved shirt or knitwear. You can keep it classy by sporting a fur gilet or go back to its practical roots by wearing a padded one for outdoor sports and activities.



  1. Statement Dress

A statement dress will be of good use throughout the year. On hotter days you can throw it on with some comfy shoes or on cooler days you can pair it with tights for extra warmth and pop your favourite coat over the top. You can either chose to wear a relaxed version or a form fitting style with the added bonus that it looks good with almost every pair of shoes. It would a be fashion crime not to have one of these in your wardrobe this year.



          4. Turtleneck Top

Investing in a turtle neck top will ensure your neck is nice and snug all year round. It was big for 2015 and will continue to be big in 2016. It is a classic wardrobe essential which we can only hope will stay in rotation forever. It is simple, clean and minimalistic fashion at its best. You can style it with anything from a party skirt to blue jeans. Take it from a clothes hoarder, once you buy a turtleneck top it will quickly become an obsession.



  1. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a longstanding wardrobe staple. They are ever so stylish and versatile. Their slick design never gets old and will help pull any outfit together. These shoes really aren’t going anywhere so indulging in a pair will instantly update your wardrobe and will surely be your most worn item of 2016!









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