My 2015 Experience

Hey Everyone,

Hope you have all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all manage to to keep your New Year’s Resolutions past the 30th of January…we have all been there before. I’m a little late to the game of discussing how 2015 went for me but at least I am here eventually. I am rather open about my emotions to the people who know me but less so on the internet to those who wouldn’t know me. However, today is your lucky day as all my cheesy and gushy emotions will be revealed.

I am going to take you through my 5 favourite experiences of 2015 while discussing what I’ve learnt along the way.

2015 has been the best year of my life!

Enjoy <3

My Favourite Experiences of 2015

  1. Building Friendships

I don’t tend to have a bad word to say about the friends that are currently in my life….unless you wore a red dress to my monochrome themed birthday party. I do remember times in my life where all anyone really cared about was drama…and the newest Twilight film. Although I always had friends, drama lead to me sometimes doubting friendships or having to let go of ones that weren’t good for me. However, the friendships I have made since I left school or the ones which I strengthened in 2015 have all been wonderful. I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have so many people in my life who always have my back and never allow me to feel bad about myself.

2. My Family

Not much needs to be said about immediate family. They support me, encourage me and make me a  better person. I’ve learnt that these are the only people who are going to support you unconditionally and always be proud of your achievements. In 2015 my family helped me to genuinely believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. I am never anything but grateful for their help, advice and love.

3. Working in Fashion

Admittedly this is something that doesn’t spark as many deep emotions but was still something I really enjoyed. In 2015 I became the student brand ambassador for Boohoo at my university, I started my blog and became the social media blogger for my university’s fashion society. This enabled me to meet lots of new people and helped me to gain experience in a field I really like. These jobs have helped me realising my potential and encouraged me to work harder. I am very glad I was given these opportunities.

4. Christopher

If you know me then you knew that this was coming. Of course this is where I would like to gush for pages but I will hold back so you don’t spend 5 minutes cringing. For almost all of 2015 I’ve been with the same person and he was part of the reason it was so great. All my friends have always encouraged me and kept me positive in the things I am already doing. However, my boyfriend made me realise I was able to do things I never even realised were possible. I’m still shocked at all the things he has pushed me to do which have had great results and I never previously realised any of them were in my reach. My favourite thing about him is that he always believes in me. Very lucky to have spent a whole year with one of my favourite people <3

5. Being myself

I didn’t really know what else to title this. 2015 was a year where I blogged, modelled and started a Youtube channel. Previously I would have been too nervous to post things on the internet for everyone to see. Now that I’ve gained more confidence I am able to do things I always wanted to do while always being myself. It has been so much fun and there have been so many rewards!

Hope you all enjoyed 2015 as much as me! See you all soon for more blog posts in 2016 <3






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