Teenage years are over!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not posting in so long! So much has happened! Firstly, I am now no longer a teenager (cries). I had the best birthday ever and very soon is my birthday party. This is the second reason why I’ve been busy as I am throwing a party for 150 guests which involves a lot of planning. Thirdly, I have had to write two incredibly long essays which I have complained about the whole way through (cries again). Lastly, I am now a student brand manager for Boohoo, which if you didn’t know is a online fashion brand. If you want discounts or want to know more about it then contact me! It has just been too busy.

Thank you so much for the feedback on the start of my Youtube channel. Now that almost all the stress is out the way I have photoshoots every week and will have another Youtube video for you soon.

Seeing as I have been away for so long I felt it was appropriate to reward you all by showing you the dress I’m wearing to my birthday party!! The theme is monochrome so everyone is going in black and/or white and I am in red! I am wearing a dress from Boohoo which is obvious seeing as that is all I currently wear since my new job. Hopefully none of my friends find my blog and try to sabotage my dress plans. A better photoshoot showing the whole dress will come soon!

I promise to stay more active from now on!

Enjoy! <3


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